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There's a new fat loss coach in Cornwall

Hey there, my name is Ollie.

If you don't know already, I'm a personal trainer and certified nutritionist based in Cornwall.

I only arrived here in Kernow in 2021 so depending on when you're reading this I still might be the new kid on the block.

Before moving to Cornwall I offered my personal training and nutrition services in London for 10 years.

I'm about to tell you all about my fat loss coaching service.

You can read more about my other Cornish PT and nutrition services by clicking HERE

What we will cover in this fat loss coaching article 

Fat loss is BIG business. That's no secret.

So instead of just spouting about how I can help you to achieve incredible fat loss results I'm going to actually teach you about fat loss right here right now.

That way, I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I can tell you about my fat loss coaching services and actually teach you about how fat loss works. Hopefully, by the end of this article you'll be convinced that I know what I'm talking about.

And if you want to then work with me to help you implement what I'm about to teach you regarding fat loss, then great.

Let's get to it.

Why should you trust what I'm saying about fat loss?

This is probably the most important question to answer because every man and his dog has an opinion about fat loss and how best to achieve it.

The problem is, pretty much every man and his dog are very misguided.

As I said earlier, fat loss is BIG business. And because it's such big business there's a lot people and companies that are trying to capitalise on it. For the most part, these companies are peddling pseudoscientific gimmicks that promise the results that people want.

Add in the the effects of social media influencers who are paid by these companies to further push these crappy products and diets and there's a real issue of misinformation running rampant in society.

99% of what you read in the media and social media about fat loss is rubbish. Seriously!

The truth about fat loss isn't sexy in the slightest and there are NO silver bullets to achieving it. 

Not exactly a great sell is it!

And there's your first reason to trust what I'm saying.

I'm not promising rapid fat loss results and I'm definitely not promising it will be easy.

It won't be!

However, what I will do is guide you on how to go about losing fat in the most sustainable and efficient way possible.

And that's because, more than anything else, I have integrity.

And on top of my integrity I have a certification from Mac Nutrition Uni which is the most sought after nutrition certification in the world today.

Mac Nutrition Uni revokes the certification from anyone found to be involved in non evidence based practice.

That means, I MUST coach clients based on solid scientific evidence.

And that's exactly what I do.

Nutritionist in Cornwall

What's the best diet for fat loss?

I'm going to put this ridiculous question to bed right here right now!

There is NO "best" diet for fat loss.


If there was genuinely a best for fat loss do you really think there would be so much confusion around it.

Diets are like fashion. Different diets come and go.

I'm writing this in February of 2021 and right now the Keto diet is super trendy. Other trending diets are the carnivore diet and the vegan diet.

Ironic that isn't it, two of the biggest trending diets are literally polar opposites of each other. The Carnivore diet is all about eating meat and the vegan diet is all about eating plants.

The Keto diet is one of the more ridiculous diet trends to come along.

It was originally used in the early 20th century as a way to help drug resistant epileptic children control seizures.

Fast forward a hundred years and the Keto diet has made a resurgence as some magical weight loss phenomenon.

Some readers might be saying to themselves: "actually I did the Keto diet and I lost weight so you're wrong"

Well, let me retort.

The Keto diet proposes people drastically cut carbohydrates. What happens when you eliminate an entire macronutrient food group from you diet? You eat a lot less. What happens when you eat less? You lose weight.

This video spoof about Keto might help to put the ridiculousness of Keto into perspective.



Losing fat comes down to Calorie balance. This fact has been unequivocally shown in the scientific literature over and over and over again.

Calories control your weight. It's not an opinion. At this point in our human evolution scientists are as sure of this fact as they about gravity.

And so, if it's Calories that ultimately control your weight, it becomes clear why there is no best diet for fat loss.

Because all diets are capable of helping people to eat less.

SPOILER ALTERT - That's what diets DO!

Behind the false promises, the gimmicks, the pseudoscience and the crap that different diets promote is one universal truth!

ALL diets are trying to get the dieter to EAT LESS one way or another.

The trick is to find a diet that allows YOU to eat less in easiest, healthiest and most sustainable way possible.

Top tip - these trendy, media hyped diets don't do that. Instead they keep you at arms length from truth about fat loss and mask the fact that they're trying to get to eat less behind some stupid idea like ketosis.

Fat loss coach in cornwall

Is eating less easy to do? 

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Yes, fat loss IS all about Calorie balance. If you eat fewer Calories than you expend you WILL lose weight. And if you eat more Calories than you expend you WILL gain weight.

The problem is, achieving your desired Calorie balance is easier said than done.

The chances are, if you're someone who is overweight and have been for sometime, you've tried a diet or two. And you probably had some success at losing some weight.

What is far less likely, is that you managed to keep the weight off.

And that's just 1 of a whole host of problems that trendy, media hyped diets have.

They sell their false promises to people who are desperate to lose weight. The dieter starts out with high motivation. They manage to stick the diet out for a few weeks and lose a bit of weight.

Eventually, the inevitable extremes of the diet they are following become too much to adhere to anymore and they revert back to old habits.

The weight creeps back on and they're back to square one.

A few months or years a later the dieter is ready to try again. They think back to previous attempts and remember the diet they actually lost some weight with.

And the cycle begins again.

Meanwhile that dieting company has now taken your money twice!

Consistently eating less is really really hard to do.

Especially when you add in all the other external factors that have an influence on your ability to control your Calorie intake.

You may have heard that hormones are what dictates your weight. There is SOME truth to this.

That's because hormones indirectly affect Calorie control.

Hormones play a HUGE role in how hungry you feel, how full you feel after eating, your sleep, your mood, your stress levels and SO many other things.

And all of these factors influence your ability to control how much you're eating.

So, eating less may sound easy in theory but it's often extremely challenging for people to do it.


What's my approach as a fat loss coach?

As a new fat loss coach in Cornwall I'll be working with locals t0 help them to achieve their goals.

My approach focuses heavily on education and for that reason my clients must understand that effort will be required.

When I was new in this game I accepted all clients and had a pretty big failure rate in that lots of my clients didn't achieve their goals or didn't stay with me for very long.

At first it was really difficult to deal with this. I blamed myself and assumed I was doing a bad job at coaching.

Over time I realised that actually, it wasn't me, it was the type of client I was working with.

That might sound a bit arrogant.

But the truth is, I was SO passionate about it I was willing to give everything for very little return.

I charged next to nothing and worked tirelessly to offer up help and advice.

I came to realise that the kind of clients I was attracting weren't ready. They were looking for quick fixes and weren't willing to put in the hard work themselves.

I can only do so much.

I can give you excellent science based advice and guide you carefully through the process offering my full support along the way.

But you need to actually implement what I'm telling you to do.

It's hard work. It will take time.

But it's WELL worth it in the long run.


How can you tell if you're ready to work with me for fat loss results?

These days I'm lucky enough to be able to pick my clients very carefully.

And that's great because ultimately I don't want to waste my time or other peoples money if they're not ready make the required changes needed for successful fat loss.

Here's a small checklist of things that will probably mean we're compatible.

  • All my clients are ready to learn about fat loss
  • All my clients are willing to set aside previous beliefs and be open to new ideas regarding fat loss
  • All my clients understand that effort will be required for fat loss success.
  • All my clients are reliable and check in with me every week to analyse progress


What kind of things can you expect whilst working with me?

I individualise my approach to each and every client I work with but you can expect some uniform things as part of my fat loss coaching programmes.

Weekly check in via video/phone call 

I expect all my fat loss coaching clients to attend a weekly checkin call that can be arranged to suit your schedule. These calls are crucial to evaluate on going data that we collect and to talk through your progression.

Fat loss in never a linear process and so certain tweaks and deviations often need to be implemented.


Food diary analysis 

I never give cookie cutter meal plans. Everyone already has a diet and that's the basis from where we start. Initially I get all my clients to complete a 3-5 day food diary to get an idea of where we're starting from.


Meal ideas/suggestions 

Like I said I won't give you full meal plans but I'll be making suggestions on how to improve your diet along the journey. These small and subtle changes will add up over time to create a much healthier diet that will align with your fat loss goals.


Full ongoing support 

Along with our weekly checkin calls you'll be able to message me whenever you need to if you have questions or need advice. I'll be on hand to guide you every step of the way


How long does fat loss coaching last for?

A minimum 3 month commitment is required to get a coaching slot with me. 3 months is the amount of time required to learn, implement and actually start to see changes happening. Of course you can always opt to stay on longer if you wish to.


What are some other resources that are good for fat loss information?

I've written the most comprehensive fat loss guide on the internet which is published over at Wise Fitness Academy. (my coaching platform for older adults) You can read the article by clicking HERE


Ready to lose fat sustainably and become as healthy as you've ever been? Click HERE to get in touch 🙂

Fat loss coach in Cornwall - Frequently asked questions

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